Reinventing The Crypto Gaming Experience

Access all games across all blockchains in one place.

GamerHub makes it easy for gamers to have access to different games on different blockchains all in one place.

The crypto game aggregator framework is backed and governed by the gaming community.


Aggregated crypto games, gaming guilds, metaverses and NFTs.


Crypto game streaming platform.


Exclusive games for GHT holders


Gamer merchandise shop.

GHT Token

The GHT token is a Multichain token that will be created on blockchains like Solana, BSC, Ethereum, NEAR, IOTEX to give the whole gaming ecosystem an easy access to participate in the gaming revolution.


Seed Sale Price
1 GHT = $0.014

Private Sale Price
1 GHT = $0.018

Public Sale Price
1 GHT = $0.022


Ecosystem Currency

GHT will be the major gaming and trading currency used on the gamehub as well as the NFT & In-game marketplaces.

GameFi and MetaFi

GHT will be used for game token mining and other GameFi services.

Ecosystem Governance

GHT serves as the governance token for the GamerHub ecosystem.

Exclusive Access

GHT holders are granted access to exclusive games and streaming content on both the GamerStream and GamerPlay platforms.


GHT is the main currency for branding and trade of merchandise


Q2 2022

Seed Round

GamerHub Prototype

Q3 2022

Private Sales

GamerHub Demo Launch

Q4 2022

Public Sales/Listing

Staking and Liquidity Mining

Q1 2023

Launch GamerHub MVP

Launch HubPass

Q2 2023

Launch New Feature (NFT Marketplace)

Launch in-game asset marketplace

Q3 2023

Launch New Feature (GamerStream)

Streamer Rewards

Q4 2023

Launch New Feature (GamerPlay)

GamerHub metaverse

Q1 2024

Launch New Feature (GamerMerch)

Meet the team.

A group of blockchain enthusiast who all believe crypto games should be even more accessible to all.

Victor Kaycee
Victor KayceeCo-founder / CEO
Glory Lucas
Glory LucasCo-founder / CMO
Jeffery Pan
Jeffery PanInvestment Advisor from SoftBank
Caleb Lucas
Caleb LucasEngineering Manager
Rex Matthew
Rex MatthewSenior Community Manager
Sam Vukmirica
Sam VukmiricaGaming Advisor
Pekka Kelkka
Pekka KelkkaInstitutional Advisor
Robby Jeo
Robby JeoPolygon Advisor
Ken Suzuki
Ken SuzukiFull Stack Engineer
Hasseb Ur Rehman
Hasseb Ur RehmanLead Engineer
Femi Kolade (U.I Designer)
Femi Kolade (U.I Designer)U.I Designer
Vivyn Dee
Vivyn DeeMarketing Executive
Anita Kalergis
Anita KalergisInstitutional Advisor